Brand image and logo design

RGB Graphics offers corporate style or brand image development services, altering or entirely changing already existing designs belonging to companies.
What distinguishes a company from another?
What makes it recognizable and unique?

Obviously it is the company’s brand image!

In fact, the brand image is one of the most important advertising and marketing tools for any modern company. Think about it, it is not by chance that all market leaders possess an attractive and unforgettable brand image.

Brand images also help distinguish companies from one another; they make advertising more effective and contribute to enhancing a company’s work culture, which has an impact on all its activities and on the quality of the products and services it offers.

The main goal of a brand image is to bring together within a unique system everything that has a visual relationship with the company; but also, to build the company’s image and to strengthen its market position.

Corporate style development is based on the use of a unique and specific data code (name, company brand – logo, colour combinations, sets of policies, etc.).

RGB Graphics will be pleased to design a unique brand image for your company that will help you achieve success.

As proof of the quality of our work, please visit our website’s portfolio section.
Brand image example

Our services

Here is our rates for Logo and Brand image creation

Logo design

Logo Simple
(text without graphic elements)
- 50 $
Logo Advanced
(simple graphic with text)
- 170 $
Logo Professional
(customized logo)
- 540 $

Brand image creation

Basic package
(Brand book creation)
  • Logo Professional
  • Visual identity criteria
  • Utilization standards
  • Corporate colors
  • Typography

- 3500 $
Additional elements:

Corporate communications
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Faxes
  • Website
  • E-mail

  • Advertising
  • Merchandise
  • Clothing

  • Building Sign Applications
  • Monument Sign Applications
  • Panel Inserts
  • Decal Applications
  • Vehicle graphics
- Upon request